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Upcoming events - 2015

CSARN proactively develops inter-city business networks, between regions and countries, to ensure best practice and key contacts are kept alive.

Please note that in addition to scheduled events below, CSARN will also schedule fast-time briefings to tackle emerging business resilience issues such as the August 2011 riots which will present additional hosting opportunities for CSARN members.

CSARN Members can attend and recieve priority to any Conference or Briefing for FREE throughout their membership. (excludes Training events)

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CSARN / Armed Attack on the Business Community – Preparation and Recovery

The siege that recently took place in Sydney is the latest tragic event within a business district. Lessons will be learned and hopefully shared over time. The event has demonstrated that such an attack could happen anywhere, regardless of its motivation and we have to put in plans now. Inevitably, fear and uncertainty will be an outcome from Are we certain that our staff can cope and recover enough to
Cavalry and Guards Club, London
28 January, 2015 14:00 - 17:30

CSARN / Sanctions and Russia

This briefing will be for businesses that are seeking to do business in Russia, the wider CIS region, or organisations that are concerned that they may fall foul of the existing EU sanctions regime.
Cavalry and Guards Club, London
25 Febuary, 2015 14:00 - 17:30

Briefing Brighton
CSARN / The Enemy Within - Understanding, preventing and responding to the 'Insider Threat'

The threat that insiders pose to businesses, institutions and governmental organisations continues to be of serious concern. Recent industry surveys and academic literature provide unequivocal evidence to support the significance of this threat and its prevalence. (Nurse et al 2014). The vast majority of employees, staff and contractors working within and alongside businesses are honest and act with integrity, however there is growing evidence that there is a significant risk to organisations arising from insiders with access operating in positions of trust.
AMEX House, Brighton
11 March 2015, 08:30 - 13:30

CSARN Briefing
21 April - 22 April, 2015

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Executive Couse - 5 Day
Geneva Centre for Security Policy / Executive course on Global Resilience

The course is designed to map the contemporary security environment as well as describe the most important emerging security challenges. The objective of the course is to build greater understanding among corporate business leaders, policymakers and policy practitioners in how to shape and develop the best responses to mitigate their impacts.

Canning House, 14/15 Belgrave Square, London
1 - 5 June, 2014, / 5 Day Course

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