CMS Strategic

CMS Strategic

CMS Strategic has been supporting leading aerospace, defence and security companies for over 15 years. Providing clients with practical public, political and press relations, business development and reputation management services, CMS Strategic is trusted to deliver by a broad spectrum of companies in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and North America, from prime contractors to world class niche suppliers.

CMS Strategic works with companies that wish to enter new market sectors, raise their profile within aerospace, defence and security, or win bids for government and civil contracts. To achieve this we reach and influence key personnel in civil, military, industrial, political and media circles and promote our clients' causes. We also source top level market intelligence, provide analysis and strategic advice, and identify potential customers and alliance partners.

A complete portfolio of solutions equips us to handle a wide spectrum of activity from overall campaign management to specific initiatives. CMS Strategic is a task force, brought in to meet a particular need at a critical time to achieve specific goals – within a specific budget.

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