ISARR is a well-established technology services company which provides a proprietary software platform that integrates the many functions and process of resilience, security risk management and business continuity into one place – negating the requirement for multiple systems.

ISARR's web-based software has empowered organisations to reduce their risk profile and increase competitive advantage through automated reporting against the enterprise's pre-determined key risk indicators, which can be organised by business operation, geographic region, risk category or event. ISARR delivers a consistent incident recording platform to provide a real-time view of the status of business operations, whilst delivering a detailed profile of assets across all risk functions. Furthermore, with an in-built secure communication feature and the ability to map company policies and procedures to the System, ISARR delivers crucial context to your business, from the operational, through to the executive level.

Practitioners have an immediate view of key assets across the portfolio and the level of associated threat, risk and activity, whilst the manager has the information necessary to effectively assess control measures and identify potential areas where cost efficiencies can be made. Executive teams have a simple dashboard view that gives them oversight and awareness of the security, risk and resilience status across the business, whilst automating governance and compliance requirements and key management information.

ISARR is deployed globally across the financial services, oil and gas, real estate, event management and law enforcement sectors.

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