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Crypto Crime and Security Course – Online or Face-to-Face Course


6 Hours – Online or Face-to-Face - Tuesday 14th November 2023

Early Bird: £350 + VAT (until 13th October 2023)

CSARN Members – FREE for one delegate. Thereafter £250 + VAT.


Cryptocrime is set to cost businesses £25bn ($30bn) by 2025 and, upon impact, can cause severe organizational reputational damage. Crypto platforms are often used as core enabling tools, exploited to fund and facilitate terrorism, narcotics and human trafficking, abuse and sexual offences, cyber espionage, high-value business fraud and extortion.  

During the past decade, blockchain technology has evolved and become more widely available and utilizable. We now live in a ‘multi-chain’ security environment, whereby dozens of lesser-known crypto-platforms and blockchains (beyond the Bitcoin-sphere) account for more than £20bn (80%) of harmful, illicit activity.

Cryptocrime nowadays poses a substantial business security and organizational resilience risk that requires consideration beyond well beyond the confines of specialist financial investigators or workplace silos.  

Using non-technical terms, and everyday-business examples, this business security course explains the Crypto threat landscape for all personnel who are responsible for organizational security and resilience within the workplace. Our tutor uses case studies from investigations and business crime scenarios.  



  1. Context of illicit crypto ecosystem
  2. Criminal analysis overview
  3. Cybercrime services
  4. Trafficking of stolen goods
  5. Narcotics trafficking and offences
  6. Human trafficking
  7. Sexual abuse and exploitation material
  8. Murder and K&R for hire
  9. Terrorist financing
  10. Other terrorist activity
  11. Bribery and corruption
  12. Industrial espionage
  13. Export control and sanctions evasion
  14. Fraud and business scams
  15. Market manipulation
  16. Money laundering
  17. Misappropriation of funds
  18. Extortion
  19. Business theft and robbery
  20. Fake and bogus exchanges (parasite VASPs)
  21. Good practices for Prevention – intelligence, due diligence, cyber defenses


Format: Online 6 hours – Wednesday 15th and 16th November 2023 (2– 5pm)*

One day face-to-face – City of London - Tuesday 14th November 2023 (10am – 5pm)*

Award: CSARN Global Cyber Academy Certificate of Achievement

* USA and Asia-friendly time-lots available. Indicate Online or face-to-face preference on booking web form. 

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