CSARN / The Monitor

CSARN / The Monitor, UK & Ireland

What does it cover?
CSARN / The Monitor is a fortnightly, security intelligence briefing, sent directly to your inbox, covering threats to UK and Ireland business communities-
  • Protest disruption
  • Direct activism
  • Terrorism (including AQ and Irish dissidents)
  • Single issue, political violence, extremism
  • Cyber & Information security / organised crime
How do I receive it?

CSARN / The Monitor is a paid for business intelligence service. In addition, special alerts tailored to employers and business communities will be issued around major incidents. You can easily subscribe to the service either
on-line here>> or by telephone today.

CSARN Corporate Member / £19.99 per month + VAT

Private Sector / £23.99 per month + VAT

Third & Public Sector / £19.99 per month + VAT

Those subscribed to the service also receive Alerts when there is significant breaking news. There are also a series of free to attend morning threat briefings for subscribers*. Please note that CSARN is a not-for-profit organisation and the cost of The Monitor – at only around £12.00 per issue - is heavily subsidised, making it unbeatable value for the quality of analysis on offer.

* Attendance is only to CSARN / The Monitor briefings and does not include any other CSARN Conference, briefing or Workshop.