Crisis Leadership - the search for the perfect response to extreme events


Thursday 13th July 2017 
The Cavalry and Guards Club
127 Piccadilly 
13:00 - 17:00

    This latest CSARN cyber attack briefing is in the aftermath of the events that struck the UK’s NHS, but you don’t have to dig very deep to reveal a list of corporates and government departments that have been targeted so far in 2017.  The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that UK businesses are at great risk from state-led cyber attacks both now and in the future and it is incumbent upon us to continually prepare for, brief, partner, procure and analyse this type of risk.  As we have seen, if hackers can reach into CNI level platforms to demand ransoms, businesses clearly need to continually understand the threat and think differently.  CSARN UK hosts the latest critical briefing in this sector and presents the best speakers to describe what we must do today to protect our people and our businesses.

    Areas that will be covered:

    • Mitigation tactics to protect corporate and government platforms
    • The need for AI and understanding the costs of implementation
    • The continuing threat from ‘insiders’ to your organisation
    • Why the C-Suite should be leading the fight
    • Areas of excellence and case studies on how to avoid becoming a victim



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