Terrorism Awareness and Management - Online Course - TINYg/CSARN


Fee: £499 + VAT // $550 USD // 3000 AED

Award: Level 5 Professional Award from the CSARN Academy 

Enrolment: Sign up today and begin studying at your own pace within 48 hours. The course is made up of pre-recorded lectures, written course materials and access to our e-library filled with reports and articles.

Study Hours - Approx. 10 hours of online lecture presentations plus free optional academic support session


Businesses and security professionals are increasingly concerned about delivering their employees and customers a professional level in 'duty of care' in countering terrorism. This course formally educates and accredits attendees in understanding and potentially mitigating terrorism events in and around their premises and events. It is applicable to all first-responders, police personnel and security professionals in any international territory, particularly those facing potential new legislation, such as the Protection of Premises Bill (Martyn's Law) in the UK or various legal revisions elsewhere.   

The Global Terrorism Index reports that there are some 5,000 terror attacks each year spread across some 120 countries. Attack motivations are varied (religious, political, homophobic, incel) and security events are almost always pre-planned providing significant preventative and incident response opportunities for qualified, well-informed, professionals.  

This crucial counter-terrorism course leads with five sections covering:

  1. Contemporary nature of terrorism – roots of terrorism; international terrorism and its evolution; case studies and typologies of method and motivation; People, Targets and Magnets; Laws, definitions and categorizations. Counter-terrorism legislation including the potential ‘Martyn’s Law’
  2. Profiling, decision-making and motivations – motivations, types and planning cycle of perpetrators. Religious, political, homophobic and incel. Lone Actors, Group Settings
  3.  Securing the Attack Surface – securing buildings with case study; securing personnel with case study; cyber security and case studies; Convergence and integrating physical, information systems and personnel security and working through the ISO 27001 Annex of physical security environment security controls
  4. Business Continuity Planning and Impacts – BCP guidance and planning; policies, processes and implementation; adding ‘people’ into the plan; aligning BCP to holistic organizational resilience.
  5. Responding and Recovery – Crisis Management; Crisis Communications; Incident Response including Information Systems; Risk Frameworks and framing ‘risk’ appetite; Threat Intelligence and the ‘Intelligence Cycle’.

Who should attend?

This Level 5 course in Terrorism Awareness and Management is designed to be attended by at-work learners who are tasked with securing or leading the security and resilience of their organisations. Former attendees have included police forces, business and charity CEOs, MDs, security and resilience directors, as well as those in tactical and operational roles, delivering security and emergency planning within police and first responder communities.

This course is formally endorsed by the CSARN Global Cyber Academy and the Terrorism Information New York Group.

Delivery Format:

Delivered upon a university-standard Virtual Learning Environment, this course programme is an interactive, accessible, dynamic learning experience – with key formal assessment interventions at the end. The learning journey is structured across five distinct sections (mini-modules) and quality assured by one of the UK’s leading universities. Delivery consists of:

  1. The course is self-paced. Enrol today and begin your studies this week! Access to course library and learning support materials via our Virtual Learning Environment. The learning portal includes an online library; academic writing support guides; course slides with references; assignment briefs; an announcements page and discussion board
  2. Assessment: four core summative assessments and one elective. Marked with ‘feedback to improve’ and a percentage mark within one month by course tutors. 

Certification and accreditation: 

  1. All course attendees attending the five ‘live’ days will receive a completion certificate from the CSARN Academy 
  2. Those submitting and passing (at 40% or above) the four core summative assessments and one elective, will be awarded a Level 5 Award Certificate by the CSARN Academy 

Tutor: Richard Bingley - author of books 'Cyber Terrorism' and 'Terrorism Just the Facts'. Former Cabinet Minister visits coordinator, university senior lecturer in security and organisational resilience and executive director for security at London First. Richard has served in a variety of other specialist security and close protection roles for government and commercial sector employers and clients. 

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