ONLINE COURSE - AI For Executives

CSARN Global Cyber Academy

This executive course is designed to provide executives and future organizational leaders with business-level proficiency in understanding and implementing opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence.

By the end of this course you will be able to think laterally and accurately about how AI could or should be deployed as a tool to support and enhance your business goals.

You will also be become skilled in understanding and anticipating the rapidly transforming legal and political environment. Above all, you will be able to understand the key players, market behaviors and trends to watch out for as global business enters the headwinds of another technical revolution.

You will learn CSARN’s 4C’s of Business AI:

Context - Various types of AI models, industry key players, key markets and readiness data, core vernacular, core computer programs and job roles.

Cases – Business cross-sector case studies in success and failure. Improving productivity and processes. Where you can – or shouldn’t – apply AI.

Costs - How to determine High-Impact AI initiatives and calculate ROI. Budgeting and expenditures for AI people and products. Security considerations and legal compliance.

Cultural Preparedness – Pillars for business AI Preparedness. People, Infrastructure, Data, AI Intelligence and Strategy.


Course takeaways:

1.   Each learner will develop a company AI strategy, shortlisting two prioritized AI initiatives, to be presented on the final day of the course (for classroom delivery). For online learners this strategy can be submitted as your course assessment for certification.

2.   One year’s free access to the CSARN AI course library with access and signposting to AI videos, reports and podcasts.

3.   Certificate of completion co-signed by CSARN and the Global Cyber Academy.


About our tutor: Richard Bingley began his career working in IT training in the City of London prior to the ‘millennium bug’ that never was! An ICT lecturer and corporate trainer for more than a decade, his latest book ‘Combatting Cyber Terrorism’ has just been released by IT Governance Press. He co-founded the business security and resilience forum (now the CSARN Global Cyber Academy) back in 2009.

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