Today businesses are concerned about the security of their data more than ever before. They need the ability to protect sensitive data independent of where they are or what application is being used. Moreover, the challenges arise: How can we ensure that external and insider hackers, application providers and governments do not introduce data security vulnerabilities? How can we use cloud capabilities while being compliant with data residency and sovereignty regulations?

Winner of the Canadian Federal Government Innovation Commercialisation Programme, CloudMask protects data in the cloud and on-premises, even in the event of a total security breach.

CloudMask is your data's last line of defence, masking data in the cloud and on premise. CloudMask tracks, protects and controls viewing of your data throughout its lifecycle: from creation, transit, storage and processing to the point of consumption.

Starting at the end user's device, CloudMask offers a zero trust model that differentiates "Access" privileges, from "Viewing" privileges. Under this model, no one is implicitly trusted to "View" the data – not cloud application providers, governments, employees, nor company IT administrators. With certified military grade encryption, your data is masked across multiple applications without requiring changes to any of the applications involved. This includes SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Box, Gmail and the data shared between them.

CloudMask, is enabling Government departments and enterprises to meet their data confidentiality, residency, and privacy needs without the need for installation of any hardware or security gateways.

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