Everbridge is the leading critical communications platform, trusted by corporations and communities of all sizes to connect the right people for real-time collaboration and response.

Everbridge provides industry leading solutions to organizations in both commercial and government sectors. Our solutions increase connectivity to key audiences, automate communication processes, and integrate recipient feedback, data feeds, and social media in a single communication platform. By taking this unique approach, Everbridge empowers organizations with interactive communication capabilities that help to make better decisions when it comes to protecting residents, informing staff and preserving critical infrastructure.

The Everbridge solutions suite allows organisations to employ a closed loop communications strategy around critical activities such as life-threatening incidents, weather events, operational efficiency programs, staff resourcing and safety, and IT management. Furthermore the Everbridge solution suite is supported by an elastic infrastructure, advanced mobility, interactive reporting and analytics, and adaptive people and resource mapping that mirror your organisation. All of this and true enterprise class data management capabilities make Everbridge the only platform for real-time interactive communication.

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