Company Profile
Hicom is one of the leading software design and development companies operating in the Private and Public Sectors, creating tailored and scaleable solutions for Business Crime Reduction and Risk Management.

Hicom's systems have been developed over 20 years in association with our customers, leading specialists and key industry bodies including the DTI, Action Against Business Crime and the British Retail Consortium.

Crime Reduction
The National Business Information System (NBIS) enables crimes against business and the community to be tackled more effectively because it allows stakeholders to better understand and thereby address the interrelated issues at the root of the problem.

NBIS is a nationally recognised system that provides crime reduction partnerships, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders with the facility to securely share information with other similar groups across the country. Most of the intelligence held on NBIS would not have previously come to the attention of any of these bodies especially the law enforcement agencies.

Risk Management
Arena is an enterprise risk management solution designed to help businesses manage risk in a more holistic way. It is continually being developed and any functionality added to the service is made available to all our customers.

Arena is delivered as a service, paid for annually. Our delivery and pricing models reflect that the relationship between Hicom and our customers needs to be an ongoing one, ensuring that the functionality of the system remains "fresh and relevant”.


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