Keystone Resilience Ltd

Keystone Resilience Ltd

Keystone Resilience Ltd is an independent provider of consultancy services in business continuity, crisis management and information security.

Keystone consultants are recognised as being highly skilled and have a track record that is second to none in the delivery of robust business continuity and crisis management solutions. The Keystone methodology has been refined from more traditional approaches based on practical experience in many different types of organisations in the UK and abroad. In particular Keystone is a recognised leader in the financial services sector in the UK and has been extensively involved in the support and delivery of the Tripartite Authorities' market wide exercises.

All work is done in consideration of UK and international business continuity standards.

Keystone has relationships with a number of other business continuity companies and can build teams to provide expert consultancy and services in all aspects of business continuity, risk management and information security.

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Keystone Resilience Limited
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Tel: +44 203 544 6284