LGC Forensics

LGC Forensics

LGC is the largest and longest established independent forensic company in the UK, as well as the more traditional forensic services we also offer digital disciplines.

Our highly trained analysts can carry out a wide variety of digital forensic investigations to identify computer and mobile phone misuse at home or in the workplace. They are able to retrieve data from computer and mobile devices using recognised forensic methods, thereby maintaining the integrity of the information and storing it securely for any future litigation.

The more specialised services of Questioned Documents can be used for handwriting comparison and signature examination techniques, which can uncover a wealth of information. Alterations and obliterations often yield key evidence for fraud and other financial cases.

The Imagery Team is able to retrieve footage and ensure it is captured for any future examination. They are skilled in imagery enhancement, and can use a number of tools to highlight areas of interest, create chronologies and also mask out those areas that are not required. This service is often used as a tool to prevent fraudulent insurance claims.

The Cell Site Team's analytical tools can be used to identify and display call patterns and timeline of events. This is particularly valuable in complex cases enabling the investigation to be presented in a simple, easy to understand manner.

LGC Forensics

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