The Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (ICPEM)

The Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (ICPEM)

The Institute (ICPEM) exists to bring together students, emergency professionals, academics and organisations from all sectors, providing an informed and influential voice on relevant issues, and an independent, collaborative forum from which we will together champion civil protection, emergency management, business continuity and resilience world-wide.

The institute's profile is becoming increasingly well known as a source of informed and influential opinion, both nationally and internationally.

A Registered Charity, the ICPEM was founded on 1st January 2009 by a merger of the Institute of Civil Defence and Disaster Studies and the Institute of Emergency Management, with histories stretching back more than seventy years.

With four grades of membership, and a fee structure aimed at serving the interests of members, and promoting early career engagement, the ICPEM benefits from the involvement of a wide range of practitioners and academics, and strong links to academia.

The ICPEM keeps members informed through various media, including its journal, 'Alert', occasional specialist research papers, the web site, special interest groups, workshops & conferences.

The ICPEM has a new and dynamic outlook, developing new relationships and activities with its members at its heart.