Targeting Innocence / Protecting Major Events / 19th April 2017


Wednesday 19th April 2017 
13:00 - 17:00

    It is incredibly difficult to protect crowded public places at the best of times, let alone being able to put in plans to protect well publicised and well attended major events.  Post the London Olympics and with the staging of the long-held plethora of annual major sporting events, the UK has an enormous amount of transferable experience of securing the mass gathering of people.  These major events are part of the fabric of our society and the need to protect them are critical as the tragic events in Paris and elsewhere can testify.  

    The sheer internationalism of some of the events, coupled with the attendance of politicians, celebrities, athletes and other VIP’s, make these events worthy targets.  This CSARN briefing provides a detailed briefing on protecting mass crowded places by some of the most experienced solutions providers in this area and this therefore makes this briefing a ‘must attend’ event.

        The areas that will be covered:

        • Event Planners
        • Business Continuity Leaders
        • Government agencies
        • Urban Planners
        • Private Security providers

          Leaders who should attend:

          • Protecting the mass movement of people
          • Securing the perimeter
          • Case studies - learning from the past
          • Searching regimes - best practice
          • Achieving the balance of security vs access
          • The collateral effect on other businesses

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